Louis Haugh

A 2011 graduate of IADT's Photography BA Programme , Louis Haugh was awarded the Ranelagh Arts 'Emerging Artist Award' in 2011 and in 2012 was awarded the Ed Tweddell AIR award in South Australia. 


Louis Haugh's practice holds elements of the Japanese philosophy of aesthetics, impermanence and imperfection at its core. Working with a variety of photographic techniques from the 19th century to present Haugh explores the idea that 'nothingness' and 'emptiness' are alive with potential and that our universe is in a constant motion towards or away from that potential.


"Sleep and meditation are in some respects a return to darkness. It seems to be true that once we have experienced darkness in its fullness, it is unwise to delay there, or to do anything but trust that returning to the light brings with it satisfying joy and happiness."

John Hutchinson, The Bridge, 2008.