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Cliona Harmey

Cliona Harmey's practice is often inspired by accounts, histories and artefacts of early technological inventions and communication technologies. Recent sculptural work often references the near obsolete apparatus of analogue photography as well as other forms of inscription and organisation (files, folders, lenses, mirrors, windows, screens).  My work sometimes also involves basic electronics/programming or live camera feeds attempting to turn technologies back on themselves and to slow instantaneous technologies to a more phenomenal or slower human pace.

Recent Exhibitions/Projects include :  "Into The Light" Model Arts Centre, Sligo (2012), "Last" Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin,  “Quantified Self” at The Lab, Dublin (2011), “The Material Consequence” at The Bluewall Gallery, Cavan (2010). “The Idea of Distance” solo work commisioned as part of  Unbuilding at Mermaid (2010), Moody at Trajektor Art Fair Brussels. In 2011 she co-curated “Transference” at Monster Truck and Broadstone Studios for
Blackchurch Studio. International projects include a collaborative project at The Thessaloniki Biennale and a sound installation with composer Barry L Roshto at Tonspur, Museums Quartier, Vienna. 

Cliona's studio term ended in 2015