• Palisade, 6 colour silkscreen by Neil Dunne
  • 'Landscapes' Spraypaint and Silkscreen on Canvas by Neil Dunne
  • The Treachery of Architecture by Neil Dunne
  • The Treachery of Architecture by Neil Dunne
  • A bauble created for ASIAM charity auction in Christmas 2019

Neil Dunne

Dunne's work is an exploration of abstract form and colour representing an urban context. Delving into silkscreen and paint, the distinct relationship between both mediums creates a conflicting relationship on canvas. There are heavy references to urban culture throughout Dunne's practice, the usage of image, text and form are all directly related to the experiential effects urban contexts can have on our perceptions of the built environment.

Themes included in his creative practice look to architecture and time, A lot of Dunne's work is self-expressive. Oftentimes becoming self-reflective and projecting sporadic ideologies, intents and emotions onto canvas.

Upcoming Shows:
Art-Making: Print
Draiocht Gallery, Blanchardstown
Opening 25th March 2020

Working Title
Debut Solo exhibit with SO Fine Art
Dublin, June 2020


Social media

Website: www.neildunne.art

Facebook:  Neil Dunne - Artist

Twitter: neildavidjames

Instagram: neildunnestudio