• Leda Scully, SelfSoother, 2023
  • Leda Scully, Locus, 2020
  • Leda Scully, Eyeless Sight
  • LedaScully, Tribute(to), 2023

Leda Scully

Leda Scully is an artist based in Dublin and a recent graduate of the Art in the Contemporary World MFA, NCAD (2023). Her multidisciplinary and collaborative practice is weighted toward painting but incorporates writing and installation. Her work explores the ways in which we experience the world and how we translate these impressions to ourselves in private, divergent ways. Drawing on a personal lexicon of imagery, she examines the relationships between memory, affect, and association, and the gaps or slippages between them. Recent projects include The Collision Project with Screenservice (2024), Intangible Atmospheres at the Solstice Arts Centre, Navan and Flower Burial, MFA show at the Annex, Dublin 8, (2023), and Caesura, Unit44 (2022). Her work is held in public and private collections.