John Fitzsimons

John Fitzsimons graduated from the Dun Laoghaire Institute of design Art and Technology (IADT) with an honors degree in fine art in 2000. John was a member of the Graphic Studio Dublin from 1995 - 2008 where he regularly showed work as well as in various other galleries around Ireland and Europe. He has been working for Stoney Road Press for the last 10 years, editioning prints for artists such as Patrick Scott and Brian O'Doherty. John is currently working on paintings for his third solo exhibition which will open in October 2014. Recent solo shows: 'Pryamid' at the Olivier Cornet Gallery, Dublin, 2012; 'Conversion' at Filmbase, Templebar, Dublin, 2011. Group exhibitions: 'Natural selections' at the botanic gardens, Dublin (followed by various locations around Ireland and Europe, 2014; 'Vue' National contemporary art fair at the RHA, Dublin, 2012; Graphic Studio Dublin, 2011. His work is in the collections of: Office of public works (OPW); Contemporary Irish Art Society (CIAS); The Botanic Gardens; The Graphic Studio Dublin; Ulster Bank and various private collections.