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Aoife Scott


Aoife Scott is an Irish artist, based in Dublin. In 2013 she graduated from the National College of Art and Design with an honours degree in Fine Art Print and Visual Culture. Upon graduating Aoife received The Graphic Studio - Graduate Award where she worked for four years before moving to London in 2017 to study a Masters in Fine Art Print at The Royal College of Art. Having recently moved back to Dublin Aoife is working towards various exhibitions and projects in 2020. She remains a full time member of The Graphic Studio and has recently joined Pallas Project/Studios.

Having exhibited internationally and in Ireland Aoife has won and been nominated for numerous awards including The Wilkinson Print Award at the RHA Annual Exhibition - 2018,  The Honorary Mention at The KoMASK Masters of Print Exhibition, Antwerp and shortlisted for The Fingal Arts Studio Award - RHA 2019. Over the past seven years Aoife has worked in many print studios in Dublin and London editioning for established artists including Norman Ackroyd, Richard Gorman and Barbara Rae.

Her work has also been collected by The Victoria & Albert Museum, London, The British Library, London and The National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin.


A keen outdoor adventurer and lover of nature Aoife feels a great responsibility as an artist to act, react and protect. The deep seated disquiet she feels about the current environmental crisis and the greed and consumerist society we are living in is the main focus of her practice. Using the work she is starting a visual conversation expressing her own anxiety and frustration around our throw-away society and the print/mark we leave on the planet.

Through the printing process of layering, repeating, adding and omitting form, space, colour and line Aoife creates abstract landscapes as an expression of an anxious mind. The strange floating landscapes of colour can be soothing and beautiful to look at but which, as one is drawn into them, reveal the multiple printed layers of recognisable plastic detritus which choke our seas and shores. The current work offers the viewer an immediate but subtle experience of the reality of greed and consumerism. The hope is for the duality of this experience to resonate with the viewer and perhaps stay with them long after they have left the exhibition space.

If the artist can start a visual conversation about society’s obsession with producing more and more glossy throwaway “must have items” which become the toxic floating islands in our seas and fill up our ever growing landfills, then that is a start.


Social media

Website: www.aoifescott.ie

Instagram: @crazygiraffe_