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  • 2019-05-09—2019-05-25

    Marie Farrington—Fore, fold

    Exhibition preview: 6-8pm Thursday 9th May 2019
    Exhibition continues: Friday 10th May 2019 – Saturday 25th May 2019
    Gallery open: 12-6pm Thursday – Saturday


    Gallery walkthrough: Marie Farrington will host an informal walkthrough of her exhibition Fore, fold on Saturday 25th May at 1pm.


    Pallas Projects/Studios are pleased to present Marie Farrington—Fore, fold the third exhibition of our 2019 Artist-Initiated Projects programme.

    Fore, fold uses a ghost story, embedded in the history of Marsh’s Library, to unpack the exchanges between myth, language, material and place. An allusion to the Heideggerian Fourfold linking the earth, sky, divinities and mortals, Fore, fold also plays on the idea of multiplicity, an ongoing concern both in the casting processes Marie employs and in relation to the historical multiplicities that present themselves in the objects, forms and places researched.

    Marie Farrington’s practice is an ongoing attempt to draw gentle attention to the elusive, the momentary and the residual. Tracing the intimate intersections between history, knowledge and making, Marie’s work uncovers the subtle forces and entropies contained in materials. Her sculptures act as ephemeral testing grounds, evoking a spectral presence while revealing invisible processes and tiny occurrences unfolding in spaces and on surfaces. Her practice offsets language against sculptural forms to conflate tenses and offer a tenuous sense of narrative to groups of materials that are chronologically-bound.  Many of Marie’s pieces, although working within a concept of sculpture, exist as flat planes and use acts such as folding, layering, polishing or covering to establish a sense of image-hood that emphasises the notion of surface as a point of intersection between sculptures, images and architectural forms.



    Marie Farrington studied in DIT (BA, 2013, 1.1) and NCAD (MA, 2016, 1.1). Recent exhibitions include A Vague Anxiety, Irish Museum of Modern Art (2019); Disruptors, Highlanes Gallery (2019); RESORT Revelations, Fingal County Council Arts Office (2018); SÍM Residency, Iceland (2018); When Saying Equals Doing, an essay and performance for Cf at the Research Pavilion, Venice Biennale (solo, 2017); These Circular Ruins, Illuminations Gallery, Maynooth University (solo, 2016); In good faith they waited for gravity, RUA RED South Dublin Arts Centre (solo, 2015). Marie was recently awarded a residential studio at Fire Station Artists’ Studios (2018-2020).  Other awards include Arts Council Travel and Training Award (2018) and Visual Arts Bursary Award (2017). www.mariefarrington.com http://firestation.ie


    Artist-Initiated Projects at Pallas Projects/Studios is an open-submission, annual gallery programme of 10 x 3-week exhibitions taking place between March and November 2019, in the context of a gallery space with a dedicated tradition towards the professional development of artists in a peer-led, supportive environment. This unique programme of funded, artist-initiated projects selected via open call is highly accessible to artists, with a focus on early career, emerging artists and recent graduates. Projects are supplemented with artists' talks, texts, workshops or performances, and gallery visits by colleges and local schools.

    Artist-Initiated Projects aims to act as an incubator for early careers, and support artists' practices at crucial stages, providing a platform for artists to produce and exhibit challenging work across all art forms. The model of short-run exhibitions with a relatively short turnaround time of 3–6 months is an alternative to the normal institutional model, where the process of studio visit to exhibition can take several years. Shorter lead-in times allow the programme to be quick and responsive, reflect what artists are currently making, and encourage experimentation and risk-taking.

    Pallas Projects/Studios Artist-Initiated Projects is funded by The Arts Council.