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  • 2018-08-23—2018-09-01

    Marc Guinan—Paint MF

    Opening reception: 6–8pm Thursday 23rd August 2018
    Exhibition runs: Thursday 23rd August 2018 – Saturday 1st September
    Gallery open: 12–6pm Thursday–Saturday


    Artist's response: Artist Damien Flood will give his response to the works in the exhibition, prior to the opening at 5.30pm Thursday 23rd August

    Pallas Projects/Studios are pleased to present Marc Guinan—Paint MF the eighth exhibition of our 2018 Artist-Initiated Projects programme.

    Marc Guinan’s work is deeply entrenched in the observation of the material ‘paint’. Since college, his practice has continued to enlighten viewers with detailed images of paint mixing, coagulating, re-acting  and setting all captured in all most obsessive and scientific fashion. This method of causing ‘material uncomfortableness’ is a continual interest within his research as Guinan looks to capture or freeze frame some of the magical effects he has asked the paint to perform. Continual interchange and experimentation of display techniques are always of interest as Guinan tries to strip down the basic idea of how paint may be viewed and what is a painting?

    Paint MF, is a show which brings together multiple ideas of presentation and recyclability. The works, which are partially made from recycled paint are produced from an ongoing developmental process which Guinan has nurtured for a number of years. Coupled with the introduction of new raw material, metal stud framing(MF), Guinan has again posed a question concerning display. The framing is an almost instinctive progression for Guinan as he strives to display the works in the rawest fashion possible. The light gauge metal introduced, is used widely across the world in commercial building projects. It was introduced in the USA as a ‘green’ replacement to basic timber frame housing and with Guinan’s construction background this introduction was inevitable. The works aim to unite both recycling ideas through paint and frame with a collection that always try to demonstrate the beauty of paint without the trappings of traditional display methods.

    Having just completed eight years of college, Marc Guinan has attained both BFA Fine Art, DIT and MA Art, Research and Collaboration, IADT. His practice is firmly rooted in the medium of painting and he has just recently completed a series of public engagement talks: Painters Talking Paint 1+2, which took place in The LAB and RHA respectively. Through live debate forums, the talks brought together painters from across the Irish spectrum to discuss their relationship with the material known as paint. He has also had a solo show at Dràiocht and group shows in Broadcast, Foundation 15, MART, and RHA. His work was recently shown in Warsaw, Poland.


    Artist-Initiated Projects at Pallas Projects/Studios is an open-submission, annual gallery programme of 12 x 2-week exhibitions taking place between April and November 2018, in the context of a gallery space with a dedicated tradition towards the professional development of artists in a peer-led, supportive environment. This unique programme of funded, artist-initiated projects selected via open call is highly accessible to artists, with a focus on early career, emerging artists and recent graduates. Projects are supplemented with artists' talks, texts, workshops or performances, and gallery visits by colleges and local schools.

    Artist-Initiated Projects aims to act as an incubator for early careers, and support artists' practices at crucial stages, providing a platform for artists to produce and exhibit challenging work across all art forms. The model of short-run exhibitions with a relatively short turnaround time of 3–6 months is an alternative to the normal institutional model, where the process of studio visit to exhibition can take several years. Shorter lead-in times allow the programme to be quick and responsive, reflect what artists are currently making, and encourage experimentation and risk-taking.

    Pallas Projects/Studios Artist-Initiated Projects is supported by The Arts Council.

    Installation images photography: Vera Ryklova ©2018