• 2020-11-05—2020-11-05

    S A B O T A G E


    6 pm,  Thursday 5th November, 2020

    Live on Pallas Projects/Studios YouTube Channel


    Today the tyrant rules not by club or fist, but disguised as a market researcher, he shepherds his flocks in the ways of utility and comfort. — Marshall McLuhan


    As part of Pallas Projects' online programme we are pleased to present S A B O T A G E by Jas Singh, curated by Valeria Ceregini and presented through the PP/S YouTube Channel.

    S A B O T A G E is a live-streamed 15-minute performance that splices fragments of video and audio taken from international news channels with artist-generated content, forming a constantly changing moving-image collage.

    This, the 8th iteration of his S A B O T A G E project, will be a new and exclusive work produced solely for Pallas Projects/Studios, constructed purposefully to reflect the location it is staged. The work developed through the voices of people around Dublin and Ireland, collected by JournALL throughout 2020, and the impact COVID-19 has had on them. The artist will utilise this and incorporate their concerns along with the local and national news broadcasts during this time.

    S A B O T A G E is performed, blending visuals and sound, and broadcasted as a live-stream, enabling anyone to view the work in real-time on their computer or phone. 

    The performance engages arts audiences placed within the spectacle of a news culture that reflects and amplifies the chaos of contemporary politics and events. The audio element mixes sound from the various newsreaders and reports to create a dissonant soundtrack that reflects the chaotic nature of the video. During the performance, a live musical soundtrack is performed in response to the live news coverage.

    S A B O T A G E highlights how we like all consumers of news, via TV and internet platforms, can be subconsciously manipulated. His research is mostly focused on investigating the influences of the media and its agenda, which may be controlled by the government and the state.


    Jas Singh graduated from Central St Martins in 2012 with a BA Fine Art specialising in 4D. His work addresses sociopolitical current affairs. His primary medium is dissonant audio interplaying with architecture, installations, sculpture, video as well as interactive art - collaborating with the audience. Singh’s work mainly dictates these combinations.

    He has participated in several organisations and is continuing to work with: Black Hole Club, Leicester digital arts, Graff.io, CVAN East Midlands, LCB depot, r10 labs. Jas is supported by the Arts Council of England. 

    jassingh.org Instagram: @sab_o_teur

    Valeria Ceregini is an Italian art historian, visual art curator and critic, based between Dublin (IE) and Turin (IT).  During the lockdown, she created JournALL an online art programme to weekly feature international artists. Currently, she is engaged with the group show Over Nature, which tours six venues in Ireland and the UK between September 2019 and November 2020. Acting as Curator and Project Manager of this touring show, featuring six Irish and International artists, she attempts to activate a new vision of greater ecological awareness and responsibility. Valeria was invited as Curator to participate at the live event Culture Night 2020 as part of the Luan Gallery (Athlone, IE) programme. She actively participated in Franko B's Unloved (curated by a/political, 2019) workshop and exhibition at Rua Red, Dublin. At the latter, she took part in the realisation of the Trauma [Audio Recording].

    Since 2019, Valeria has been a juror member of the apexart (NYC) international panel. Valeria graduated in Semiotics with an MA in Communication Science at the University of Turin and in Contemporary Art with an MA (Hons) in History of Art at the University of Genoa. She pursued her studies attending the Postgraduate Diploma in Cultural Heritage & Museum Studies, University of Genoa. 

    valeriaceregini.com | journallartprogramme.com  

    Instagram: @valeriaceregini  | @journ_all