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  • 2018-10-04—2018-10-20

    I Saw a Woman in Inverness Whom I Shall Never Forget—Curated by Josip Zanki

    Antun Maračić, Andreja Kulunčić, Bojan Mucko and Ana Mušćet


    Opening reception: 6–8pm Thursday 4th October 2018
    Exhibition runs: Thursday 4th October – Saturday 20th October
    Gallery open: 12-6pm Thursday - Saturday

    The exhibition will be launched by Croatian Ambassador Ivan Mašina at the opening reception. 

    Artists and Curator Talk: at Natioanl College of Art and Design, Rupert Guinness Hall, on Thursday October 4th at 12.30pm


    Pallas Projects/Studios are pleased to present I Saw a Woman in Inverness Whom I Shall Never Forget curated by Josip Zanki as a part of an exhibition exchange project between Pallas Projects/Studios and HDLU, Croatian Association of Artists.

    I Saw a Woman in Inverness Whom I Shall Never Forget is focused on deconstructing and redefining the model of linear chronology and a positivist concept of time. It is inspired by Jorge Luis Borges short-story “Aleph”, and drives on the idea of connecting images, places, human body, words and numbers in the sacred Aleph. This exhibition project brings together Croatian contemporary media artists researching concepts of time: Antun Maračić, Andreja Kulunčić, Bojan Mucko and Ana Mušćet. It deconstructs time and space (Maračić), time as ethnography (Kulunčić), transformation of everyday objects and time (Mucko) and time in the context of politics of memory (Mušćet).

    The starting point for the project is photographic works of Antun Maračić No grad and its subrealism, created in Nova Gradiška on the 13th and 16th of December 1991 immediately after military attack at the beginning of Homeland War in Croatia. Photography shows us the illusion of reality, a moment of silence when everything stops in timeless and placeless indefinites.

    Andreja Kulučić created her art project Equals (2017) in collaboration with the EQUALS Collective. In her project, Andreja Kulunčić is using participative methodology and ethnographic research, problematising prejudices based on gender, religion, race and sexual orientation in post-transition Croatian society. The artist worked and collected experiences of five different women oppressed by patriarchal, homophobic and xenophobic majority.

    In his work Signs of the Times (2013) Bojan Mucko researched, redefined and transformed everyday objects in various times and spaces. Mucko found paper boxes coming from analogue times, and places near dystopian Kafkas building in modernist part of Zagreb, converting them into motion objects, through rite of transportation.

    Ana Mušćet created an artistic project A change of air (2015) based on her research on symbolical value of Vladimir Bobinac’s life. He was one of the most famous political prisoners in Yugoslavian Gulag, Concentration Camp of Goli otok. The art work is created in form of video work and an object – a flag raised on Goli otok entitled Na promjenu zraka (A change of air).


    This exhibition is the second exhibition in a two part exchange organised by Difference Engine artists between HDLU (Croatian Association of Artists) and Pallas Projects. The first exhibition Difference Engine XI – Altern_ators took place in the Bačva Gallery of the HDLU in April 2018. A joint catalogue was produced for this exhibition exchange project, which will be available at Pallas Projects during the exhibition.


    Pallas Projects/Studios is supported by The Arts Council.
    The exhibition I Saw a Woman in Inverness Whom I Shall Never Forget has been supported by an IMMA Production Residency and the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Dublin.

    Installation image photography: Vera Ryklova ©2018