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  • 2021-11-11—2021-11-27

    Katherine Sankey—Hydrozomes // water bodies

    Opening reception: 6–8pm Thursday 11th November
    Register a time for the preview here
    Exhibition continues: Friday 12th November – Saturday 27th November
    Gallery open: 12–6pm, Thursday–Saturday


    Pallas Projects/Studios are pleased to present Katherine Sankey—Hydrozomes // water bodies the tenth and final exhibition of our 2020/21 Artist-Initiated Projects programme.

    Katherine Sankey's sculpture uses living plant tissue and human supply lines to engage in the geo-feminist conversation about what we gouge and suck from the planet. Her practice examines mutation and the human extractive machine of supply and power in a multi-species context. Her artworks engage with how we as people adapt and colonize as well as inhabit territories.

    Sankey’s sculpture is linear and combines arboreal elements, plumbing, electrics and video. Her practice seeks to challenge assumptions about both the boundaries of the human and what constitutes a ‘natural’ object or environment. In its uncanny representations of embodiment and parasitic invasion of a host space, Sankey’s sculpture holds a grimy, distorted mirror to ‘the real’.

    Hydrozomes is a collection of artworks from the last 3 years shown for the first time, or in new configurations. As you enter, Sankey’s sculptural grammar connects the invisible linear apparatus of water and energy conduction surrounding us in our built environments, with the living organisms of wood, lichen and crustacean parts.

    ​Then there is Hydrozomes, a sprawling installation incorporating ‘studies’ of hybrid mineral bodies as organic architectures. Here we encounter Sankey’s studio practice ‘mid-process’; a rogue hydroponics of sorts, inhabiting the experimental nature of the Artist-Initiated Projects.

    'Sankey’s work asks important questions about how we connect to the unseen and to the mechanisms that we take for granted in the small, routine moments of our lives. Her sculpture gestures to the delicate balance of our ecosystems (in the strict sense of the word but also our own personal systems, both constructed and natural). Her practice also alludes to the sometimes awkward or precarious quality of these systems, brought to the fore in the manner that artworks are made, balanced and suspended. (…) I am drawn to the ways that these artworks allude to time, in that their energies and flow are open in terms of direction, again representing a crucial focus on process, rather than on a cohesive beginning or end.' — Julie Morrissy, excerpt from File Note lV, a Fire Station Artists’ Studios publication, 2021.​


    Katherine Sankey was born in Paris, is Australian Irish and is based in Dublin. Her other solo exhibitions include Containment at RUA RED earlier this year and she will show at The Lab next year. Sankey currently has a new site-specific installation in a four-person show ‘Worlds of their Own’ curated by Sharon Murphy at DRAÍOCHT (where she has an AIR  Residency until Jan 2022). This year she also showed in ‘Woman in The Machine’,  VISUAL, Carlow, the RHA Annual and in PALIMPSEST at CHQ. In 2021 Sankey received the DCC Visual Arts Bursary, the Arts Council Bursary and the Arts Council Agility Award. Sankey’s sculpture Desmosome was recently purchased for the Arts Council Collection.

    In 2020, Sankey was the recipient of the Fire Station Artists’ Studios Sculpture Award, gave a ‘Plinth Politics’ talk at the RHA and was an invited artist in last year’s RHA Annual  Exhibition. Before that she showed in TULCA – Tactical Magic in 2019, and in CAST in  2018 - an exhibition of 5 sculptors at Luan Gallery, Athlone.

    www.katherinesankey.com | Fcb: katherine.sankey.3 | Instagram: katherinesankey_artist |


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