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  • 2018-11-08—2018-11-17

    Ann Maria Healy— When Dealers Are Shamans

    Opening reception: 6-8pm Thursday 8th November
    Exhibition runs: Thursday 8th November – Saturday 17th November
    Gallery open: 12-6pm Thursday – Saturday


    Artist Talk: Ann Maria Healy will be in conversation with Netherlands based editor and curator Kris Dittel, the script editor of When Dealers Are Shamans, prior to the opening reception at 5:30pm on Thursday 8th November.


    Pallas Projects/Studios are pleased to present Ann Maria Healy—When Dealers Are Shamans the twelfth exhibition of our 2018 Artist-Initiated Projects programme.

    When Dealers Are Shamans is a video installation which arose out of collecting discarded medication trays whilst walking around Dublin city. The majority of these trays are the remnants of a drug called Zopiclone, a prescribed hypnotic agent or sleeping pill which is often sold illegally. When Dealers Are Shamans contemplates our desire to occupy a dream state through modalities such as medication. Amidst the North Inner City, the dealers of Zopiclone are shamans giving access points to places where unconscious thought may have become forbidden or repressed. Creating this work Healy partakes in a shamanic journey, to find her own spirit animal, but instead finds a partly lost soul in George the peacock.

    Healy examines the vibrations of George’s feathers, which quiver to the speed of 25 'rattles’ per second. The same frequency of moving image. George is not rattling to attract a mate. There are no other Peacocks within his vicinity. It is possible to suggest that he is vibrating in order to increase his own conscious desire to be. Healy sees parallels between George’s hypnotic movements and those akin to the dream states induced by Zopiclone.

    When Dealers Are Shamans was created with the support of Cow House Studios, Wexford and Fire Station Artists’ Studios, Dublin.



    Kris Dittel is an independent editor and curator based in Rotterdam, as well as associate curator at the Onomatopee project space and publishing house in Eindhoven. Her work is informed by her background in economics, social sciences, and by her interest in forms of communication and the relation between textual and visual language. She is the editor of several publications, exploring the format of the book as an artistic medium.

    Ann Maria Healy is a visual artist based in Dublin. Her practice is concerned with reoccurrence, the power of history and narratives embedded within the human psyche. Her work expresses itself through sculptural, video and textual form. Healy is currently on residency at Fire Station Artists’ Studios 2017-20.
 Selected exhibitions include ‘Futures: Series 3 Episode 1’, Royal Hibernian Academy (2017). ‘I like to eat with my hands’, Wexford Arts Centre (2016). ‘Your ass protrudes toward the malaise’, Eight Gallery, Dublin (2015). Previous residencies include Cow House Studios, Wexford (2015) and The Banff Centre, Canada (2014). Healy is an MFA graduate of The Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam (2014) and a recipient of the Irish Arts Council, Visual Artist Bursary Award (2016).


    Artist-Initiated Projects at Pallas Projects/Studios is an open-submission, annual gallery programme of 12 x 2-week exhibitions taking place between April and November 2018, in the context of a gallery space with a dedicated tradition towards the professional development of artists in a peer-led, supportive environment. This unique programme of funded, artist-initiated projects selected via open call is highly accessible to artists, with a focus on early career, emerging artists and recent graduates. Projects are supplemented with artists' talks, texts, workshops or performances, and gallery visits by colleges and local schools.

    Artist-Initiated Projects aims to act as an incubator for early careers, and support artists' practices at crucial stages, providing a platform for artists to produce and exhibit challenging work across all art forms. The model of short-run exhibitions with a relatively short turnaround time of 3–6 months is an alternative to the normal institutional model, where the process of studio visit to exhibition can take several years. Shorter lead-in times allow the programme to be quick and responsive, reflect what artists are currently making, and encourage experimentation and risk-taking.

    Pallas Projects/Studios Artist-Initiated Projects is supported by The Arts Council.

    Installation images photography: Vera Ryklova ©2018