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  • 2019-04-04—2019-04-20

    Aideen Farrell—A Weight of Windows

    Exhibition preview: 6-8pm Thursday 4th April 2019
    Exhibition continues: Friday 5th April 2019 – Saturday 20th April 2019
    Gallery open: 12-6pm Thursday – Saturday


    Artist Talk: Aideen Farrell will give a talk on the materials, sources, and ideas contained within her exhibition A Weight of Windows, on Thursday 18th April at 5pm


    Pallas Projects/Studios are pleased to present Aideen Farrell—A Weight of Windows the second exhibition of our 2019 Artist-Initiated Projects programme.

    A Weight of Windows is an installation of fleeting urban forms; signs, banners, curtains, windows, and bollards. This exhibition examines temporary and makeshift ways of claiming space. It attempts to fossilise these forms and examine the artist's own urge to build, arrange and demarcate spaces.

    Aideen Farrell's practice explores the systems and physical structures that shape and represent spaces at various scales. Her sources centre around contested, shifting urban spaces. She uses a combination of found materials, wood, metal, wire, plaster casts, drawing, and photography to create temporary, navigable installations. These respond to their location and layer existing, imagined, and planned spaces. She creates objects and structures that act as blocks in space, modular pieces of construction, and plans or models. 

    Her practice examines her role in creating these orchestrated spaces and explores the scale at which we can control our environments. She explores the acts of building, claiming and dividing spaces through filming her studio practices and she investigates the private made public and spatial through this work.



    Aideen Farrell is a Dublin based installation artist. She is graduate of the National College of Art and Design with a degree in Fine Art Painting and Visual Culture. Upon graduating in 2017 she was awarded the Fire Station Graduate Sculpture Award and highly commended in the Visual arts category of the Undergraduate Awards. She recently completed a residency with Dublin City Arts Office at St Patrick’s Lodge. Exhibitions include a Showroom, a solo show at the Linenhall Arts
    Centre in Castlebar. and Symbiosis, recent graduate show at the Catalyst Arts Centre in Belfast. www.aideenfarrell.com


    Artist-Initiated Projects at Pallas Projects/Studios is an open-submission, annual gallery programme of 10 x 3-week exhibitions taking place between March and November 2019, in the context of a gallery space with a dedicated tradition towards the professional development of artists in a peer-led, supportive environment. This unique programme of funded, artist-initiated projects selected via open call is highly accessible to artists, with a focus on early career, emerging artists and recent graduates. Projects are supplemented with artists' talks, texts, workshops or performances, and gallery visits by colleges and local schools.

    Artist-Initiated Projects aims to act as an incubator for early careers, and support artists' practices at crucial stages, providing a platform for artists to produce and exhibit challenging work across all art forms. The model of short-run exhibitions with a relatively short turnaround time of 3–6 months is an alternative to the normal institutional model, where the process of studio visit to exhibition can take several years. Shorter lead-in times allow the programme to be quick and responsive, reflect what artists are currently making, and encourage experimentation and risk-taking.

    Pallas Projects/Studios Artist-Initiated Projects is funded by The Arts Council.