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  • Stephen Dunne

Stephen Dunne graduated from The Royal College of Art with an M.A in Painting in 2001.
    Current interests include Accelerationism and Ontology within an expanded notion of painting practice.

    Recent activities include:

    “Zerrissenheit” (as curator) , Rise Berlin
    “The Face of Jesus in my Soup”, Rise Berlin
    “The Others”, with Rise, Turin
    "In Case We Don't Die", Wonderland Art Space, Copenhagen, Berlin and Vegas Gallery London
    “The Tyranny of Grammar”, Fishmarket Gallery, Northampton
    “Snippet”, Wayward Gallery, London
    “Happiness Machines”, Rise, Berlin
    “Sophisticated Boom Boom (in B&W)”, Domobaal, London
    “Time is a Sausage”, Domobaal, London
    “The Shaman Project III” Oriel Gallery, Wales
    “GSK Contemporary” (with Mark Titchner), The Royal Academy, London
    “Poetic Madness and the Romantic Imagination”, Rise, Berlin
    “Selections from the Collection”, Royal College of Art, London
    “After Dark”, group show, Eleven Fine Art, London
    “Pilot:3” Zaim Yokohama, Tokyo 101, “The Big 4”, Channel 4, curated by Mark Titchner, London
    “Leben Lieben”, Rise, Berlin
    “My Penguin”, Gallery 39, London
    “Pilot:3”, Fondazione Beilacqua La Masa, Venice Biennale

    Solo exhibitions:

    “The Phantom Limb” Rise, Berlin, July 11
    “Schizo Epiphanies” Rise, Berlin, May 09
    “Der Zauberlehrling” (The Sorcerer's Apprentice)” Rise, Berlin, Feb 08
    “Dumb Tings”, collaboration with John Strutton, Coleman Projects, London, Jan 08
    “Worship the Light / Worship the Dark”, Bartlett's Space, Bethnal Green, London Sept 07