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  • Katarzyna Gajewska

    Katarzyna Gajewska graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts as a Master of Fine Arts in March 2005 and was awarded a Ministry of Culture Scholarship. The recipient of eight residencies at Cill Rialaig , Co Kerry, Ireland. She exhibited in the Origin Gallery, Dublin, then in Co Waterford, Co. Cork, Co. Wicklow, Co. Mayo and Galway, Ireland also in England, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, and Scotland. “Creating canvases laden with emotion and personal feelings is my necessity, obsession and addiction, never insatiable appetite. Believing in instinct over reason, I am starting over with every painting. The relation between value of colour and texture is my formula for expressing my vision. The effect of the feeling’s complexity is doubled by the works chaotic texture. Trying to contour human silhouette in bold structure on the surface, I am exploring the physical expression of the theme. The paintings give direct attention to their own physicality and because of that, the human form emanates with psychological structure, driving to insubstantial. Colour and texture are symbols.”

    Irvin Welsh; “Katarzyna's paintings are haunting and emotional, all the more visceral due to her methods of painting. The fact that she uses her hands gives the paintings an amazingly powerful primitive feel. The figures feel as if they are emerging or
    disappearing. They occupy a peripheral world like ghosts and this gives them a stunning intensity and power"


    IG: katarzyna_gajewska_work

    E: katarinartist@gmail.com