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  • Emma McKeagney

    Emma Mc Keagney is an artist, writer & researcher based in Dublin, Ireland.

    Interested in how we humans contort, live in, destroy, repair and document our time in space, Mc Keagney’s written and art practices interrogate the blurred categories of human and non-human and what exists between these boundaries. Mc Keagney works in sculpture, photography, video, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction writing. Her research and writing inform her art practice, and both often intertwine to form the basis of her work in exhibitions, publications and online articles. Often responding to academic texts or bodies of research with process-based making – her work oscillates between a research-based practice and an intuitive practise of working with materials.

    Mc Keagney has exhibited in Helsinki, Dublin and Sligo with organisations and collectives including RuaRed, The Complex, MART and BaHa. Her first solo exhibition entitled Unstable Categories took place as part of Pallas Projects and Studios Artist-Initiated Projects in 2018. Mc Keagney has been recipient of Art Council Agility Award, the Firestation Sculpture Award, Talbot Studios Most Promising Graduate Award and has recently won a Percent Scheme Sculpture Commission in a National School in Dublin.