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  • Emma Howe

    Emma Howe graduated from NCAD in 2017 with a BA in Fine Art Painting and Visual Culture. She has recently completed a residency at the Burren College of Art in Clare. She will exhibit new work in an upcoming group show in The Complex, Dublin.
    Howe's work is concerned with everyday human experience and the power of framing. She has a keen interest in Instagram's influence on our perception of other's experiences and how social media's hyperbolic representation of the everyday has the power to skew our judgement. In an effort to explore these effects through the traditional art form of painting, the artist examines snapshots of typical urban and rural spaces, seemingly absent of human life. The result is a dystopian representation of the everyday which in its contrast, may highlight the relentless deceptive imagery we are fed through social media.
    The artist uses oil paint on canvas, built up in layers. She is interested in presenting a representation of space that still remains somewhat in the realm of abstraction. The colour palette used is rich with deep reds and glowing pinks, with touches of blues and greys in an effort to balance the real and the surreal.