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  • Dave Madigan

    Dave Madigan’s practice is centred on the liberating and failing consequences of the technological age. He works largely through installation that is most often large-scale and technically complex, requiring much manual labour, construction and digital modelling in his process. He graduated from IADT Dún Laoghaire BA (Hons) with First Class Honours in Visual Arts Practice. Exhibitions: include Mermaid Arts Centre (title TBA), Bray, Co. Wicklow, IRL (forthcoming two-person show with Meadhbh OʼConnor) , Tactic (title TBA), Cork City, IRL. Power Structure, The Joinery, Arbour Hill, D7. (two-person collaborative show with Meadhbh OʼConnor). Christmas Xtravaganza VI, Monster Truck Gallery, Temple Bar, D2, IRL. Invited artist. Making Do With Paper Crowns, IMOCA, Lad Lane, D2. Invited artist. One or Several Wolves, IMOCA, Lad Lane, D2. Curated by K Bear Koss. Play No.4, Moxie Studios, D2. The New Living Art Exhibition, IMOCA, Lad Lane, D2.