The Marian Year

Opening reception: 2–8pm Friday 5th August
Reading at 6pm by author Caelainn Hogan (TBC)
Register a time for the preview Here
Exhibition continues: Saturday 6th– Sunday 7th August
Gallery open: 11–5pm Saturday & 12-6pm Sunday

The Marian Year is a reflection on pieces of the old Ireland that provide reminders of identity in a city scrambling to forget itself. Cranes replace church steeples as the most prominent features of the skyline while hotels replace homes. This project focuses on showing familiar symbols through a new lens, and new struggles alongside those of the past.

The Marian Year is a collection of photography, visual art and creative writing musing on changing values in modern Ireland and fading tradition in the face of a neoliberal future and the pain of the past. With dynamic montage built around the collaborative visual art of photographer @1eurofiddy, visual artist @spicebag.exe and painter Carl Hickey, and featuring new writing by Caelainn Hogan,

The Marian Year is a choreography of Irish culture and Dublin city itself;its fabric, body, population, and psyche; their combined forces continuously shaping and wearing away at the increasingly vulnerable landscape. The Marian Year reveals a country whose values are changing, but remnants of the past and identity cling on. The Marian Year will be exhibited in The Pallas Projects Studios, Dublin 8, and is accompanied by a zine cataloging the exhibited works.

The Marian Year is funded by the Irish Arts Council via participants receiving the Agility Award.


Artists Bio’s

1eurofiddy - @1eurofiddy Clodagh O’Leary is a self-taught Irish photographer from Kerry working under the handle 1eurofiddy. She uses both film and digital photography in her work. The bulk of her work consists of street photography with a particular focus on the changing face of Ireland, drawing inspiration from both old and new with a unique blend of social realism and iconography.1eurofiddy has exhibited work at two Dublin Culture Night events with the Iova photography group and has exhibited and sold prints and zines at The Library Project, Templebar.

Spicebag - @spicebag.exe Spicebag is a visual artist and journalist whose work focuses on Irish culture and politics through the lens of satire. Spicebag’s work uses nostalgia and iconography from Irish culture to explore the present and changing landscape of Ireland through a social and political lens. He uses visual and physical installations in his practice.

Carl Hickey - @carl.hickey_ My work has always revolved around the idea of alienation, with the medium of painting being translated from moments instinctively captured on camera, these moments are everything and nothing. Drawing from everyday life the paintings made is a moment in time set in stone, these sometimes ordinary and at times not so-ordinary events are then highlighted in a different context through art. The subjects mainly revolve around people I find something in common with, whether that be the next working man on his way home or people I’m associated with doing something that wasn’t meant to be

Caelainn Hogan - Caelainn is a writer and journalist from Dublin. Her first book Republic of Shame explores the ongoing legacy of Ireland's religious-run institutions and shame-industrial complex. She has written for The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, National Geographic, The Guardian, VICE, Harper's, The Washington Post, The Dublin Review and more.

Image description: A graphic with a large dark blue title Martian Year. Underneath this in smaller dark blue text reading: art exhibition featuring: Spicebag, 1eurofiddy, Caelainn Hogan & Carl Hickey. Opening Night August 5th 2-8pm. Location: Pallas Projects D8. BYOB + afterparty to be announced.

In the middle there is an object- holy water pipe in the shape of Holy Mary with a dark blue triangular shape in the middle. The background is white.