Subliminal Anarchy—Stephen Dunne

Stephen Dunne

Subliminal Anarchy

New works by Stephen Dunne

The exhibition operates across the registers of painting drawing, moving image and the investigation of speculative and theoretical fictions.

The oil works are made from a playful approach at image making, beginning with blots and random chaotic marks, ruptures in the blank canvas allow a generative space to emerge.Within this space the paint is manipulated into suggestions of various forms. I am interested in the uncontrollable nature of images and in channelling their frenetic energy to create new hybrids. Much in the same way we seek pattern recognition within the chaotic, these paintings come into being through a process of gradual mutation. A world ofphantasms occupying and transmitting from the state of dream, the strangeness of being, of dissolved time and energy trapped in paint.

The works on paper are produced with ink or water based media in series, rapidly painted then extensively edited later, the goal is to produce a kind of balance between something spontaneous and something new, a kind of decompressed moment drawn from the vast store of information contained in the mind. With these works my aim is to transmit thoughts directly onto paper as immediately as possible, ideally to describe a kind of
savage economy of hieroglyphics. The ink blots, stains and random marks are used to generate a universe of delirious narrativity, to depict strange monsters, manifestations from the collective unconscious, crystallised enunciations and progressive mutant subjectivities.