• Radical Line, animated gif, 2014
  • Untitled Drawing- 84cm x 118cm, C-print, 2014


Steven Maybury—Radical Line

Opening reception: Wednesday 2nd July, 6–8pm
Exhibition continues: 12–6pm until Sunday 6th July

The Project Space at PP/S presents the third and final exhibition in a series of three shows created during Steven Maybury's six month studio residency at the RHA.

Radical Line is an investigation into less tangible forms of energy transformation. Created through monotonous processes and crossingdisciplines, the results relate to effortless substitutes, celebrating something new. Radical Lines offers an alternative experience of energy transformation. The aesthetics of Radical Lines reveals energies infinite cycle on a plane combing mystery and understanding.

Steven Maybury's practice observes our own corporeal interaction with our surroundings, focusing on the scientific idea of energy transformation and combining it with metaphysical ideologies such as the nature of reality, the self, and time. If energy continually converts from one form to another, what implications would this have not only on the concept of artwork but also for an artwork itself and its components?

His work finds tight focus in variations of perception, not just of reality but of the objects we are surrounded with, and is influenced by minimalist composers such as Philip Glass and Steve Reich. Maybury's fascination in Glass’s and Reich’s compositions lies in their ability to make the listener perceive time and space differently. Their works reflect a beauty and energy rooted in the rhythms and cycles of our surroundings, consciousness, and our interrelationships with the natural world.

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