• Dragana Jurisic from the series 'YU: The Lost Country', 2013


Periodical Review #4—Ormston House, Limerick

Curated by Mary Conlon, Paul Hallahan, Gavin Murphy & Mark Cullen

Ormston House is delighted to welcome Pallas Projects to Limerick for the second edition of Periodical Review #4 – a unique, yearly survey of Irish contemporary art practices, that looks at commercial gallery shows, museum exhibitions, artist-led & independent projects and curatorial practices.

Preview: Friday 13 February, 7-9pm
Exhibition dates: 14 February – 13 March 2015

Michael Beirne, Jenny Brady, Jane Butler, Rachael Corcoran, Anita Delaney, Joe Duggan, Marie Farrington, Hannah Fitz, Mark Garry, Dragana Jurisic, Allyson Keehan, Caoímhe Kilfeather, Ali Kirby, Sofie Loscher, Loitering Theatre, Shane Murphy, Liam O'Callaghan, Liliane Puthod/Resort, Orla Whelan.


Periodical Review is not a group exhibition per se, it is a discursive action, with the gallery as a magazine-like layout of images that speak (the field talking to itself). This is the exhibition as resource, in which we invite agents within the field to engage with what were for them significant moments, practices, works, activity, objects: nodes within the network.

Each year, Pallas Projects invite two peers – artists, writers, educators, curators – to review and subsequently nominate a number of art practices, selected via an editorial meeting. Periodical Review #4 was selected by Mary Conlon (Ormston House), Mark Cullen (PP/S), Paul Hallahan (Independent Artist & Curator) and Gavin Murphy (PP/S).

Such a review-type exhibition within Irish art practice acts to revisit; to be a reminder, a critical appraisal and consolidation of ideas and knowledge within the field of contemporary Irish art; to facilitate and encourage collaboration, crossover and debate within the field of Irish contemporary art; and to act as an accessible survey of contemporary art, expanding parameters to art practices around the country.