• Jennifer Harbourne
  • Liminal Margins, Installation view
  • Martina McDonald
  • Siobhain Boyle
  • Siobhain Boyle
  • Sofie Loscher
  • Sofie Loscher


Liminal Margins

Siobhain Boyle, Jennifer Harbourne, Martina McDonald, Sofie Loscher, Edel Horan

Pallas Contemporary Projects presents Liminal Margins a group exhibition exploring the phenomena of ‘liminality’ – a threshold phase of moving from one state to another,  a process or permanent action that is normally transistive but temporally suspended. This is the core function of liminality – a series of alterations through active physical states, while ‘marginality’ describes the condition of objects that have nearly returned from liminal flux to our understanding of expected action. These phenomena are explored through the media of photography, video, installation, drawing and documentation: magnets are temporally suspended, the limbo-state of a near-death is experienced, and performative elements provoke the viewer to become immersed in this unresolved state.

Liminal Margins is the outcome of the Intern programme at Pallas Contemporary Projects. The intern programme is a pedagogical component that engages with both resource and programming aspects of the Pallas Project, one which constantly evolves as oppourtunites for professional development and engagement with the participants arise.

Siobhain Boyle received her BA in Fine Art from DIT in 2008, she works with video, drawing and performance; Jennifer Harbourne graduated from DIT with a BA in Fine Art in 2010, and recently completed an internship with Broadcast Gallery; Martina McDonald received her BA in Fine Art Sculpture from NCAD in 2009. She is co-curator of Artisit? 2011, and has exhibited in Four Gallery, Mobius Boston, and Basement Project Space; Sofie Loscher received her BA in Visual Arts Practice from IADT Dun Laoghaire in 2009, and has exhibited in Iceland, Engalnd, Germany, Norway, Ireland and the Slovak Republic; Edel Horan is the recipient of the 2009 Fingal County Council Emerging Critic Award, and holds a BA in English and Philosophy, and an MA in Art in the Contemporary World from NCAD.

The exhibition was coordinated by Moya Revins and Ewelina Bubanja, and was accompanied by a fold-out publication with an essay by Edel Horan.