Bizarre Bazaar

Aideen Barry, David Beattie, Mark Beatty, Big Chief Random Chaos, George Bolster, Peter Burns, Alan Butler, John Byrne, Rhona Byrne, Judy Carroll Deeley, Fiona Chambers, Brian Duggan, David Eager Maher, Brendan Flaherty, Mark Garry, Wendy Judge, Des Kenny, Chad Keveny, Gillian Lawler, Nevin Lahart, Breda Lynch, Colin Martin, Niamh McCann, Ian McInerney, Maria McKinney, Bea McMahon, Paul Murnaghan, Clive Murphy, Cris Neumann, Damien O’Connell, Alan Phelan, Garrett Phelan, Ann Quinn, Jim Ricks, Sonia Shiel, Cornelius Thalbridge, Ciaran Walsh, Orla Whelan, Mick Wilson

A random mess, a shantytown, a temporary nuisance, a necessary group-hug to negate the cold, and a special opening performance by Big Chief Random Chaos.
Enter Bizarre Bazaar, an open platform for the exchange of ideas, where every idea has its price. This years’ annualgroup exhibition will explore a certain tendency of the bazaar, for which the gallery will be set up as a market for the duration of the exhibition. Artworks of various sizes and prices, editions, fanzines, long playing records and artists’ books, have been donated by, temporarily estranged from, hoodwinked and wrestled out of the hands of esteemed, established and emerging artists, our colleagues and friends.

While Bazaar means “the place of prices”, the word has also been adopted by system” designed to make it easier for anyone to contribute to free and open source software projects, a utopian position integral to the original spirit of the world wide web and in opposition to the monopolies who control our access to it. This jarring co-existence of meaning infers the confrontational, esoteric and heterogeneous systems and non-systems of artistic production, with the connotation of the gallery as both marketplace and repository of curious non-economic commodities.

Come to buy, or come to watch, invest in a few moments of your present, the art-world’s future, or your own piece of history. Commission all on sales will go towards the Pallas Projects 2011 exhibition programme.