Holy Show, an annual art journal and literary production company, will be exhibiting original artwork from Issue #05 of their magazine at Pallas Projects/Studios from 7th–10th September.

Featuring work by Aisling Clark, Declan Clarke, Hannah-Clare de Gordun, Keith Kavanagh (KAV), Hugh Mulhern, Ana Lucia, Mondoloni, 1eurofiddy, Christopher Steenson, Spicebag



KAV @johnnycigarettex will be doing caricature portraits on the night for 10 euros each!



Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/holy-show-x-tolka-x-the-pigs-back-tickets-700240176217?aff=oddtdtcreator

Join Holy Show for one, two or all three events.

2.30pm start: Rob Doyle | reading from Holy Show

3.30pm start: Kimberly Campanello | reading from Tolka

4.30pm start: Megan Nolan | reading from The Pig's Back

  • Periodical Review 12. Photo - Louis Haugh.


Job Opportunity – Gallery and Facility Technical & Maintenance Assistant (CE Scheme)

Pallas Projects/Studios are seeking a candidate to join their team as part of the Community Employment (CE) Scheme*.

Role description
The Community Employee will gain practical experience in how Pallas Projects/Studios, which is an Artist-Run Organisation in The Liberties, is run. This will involve first hand interactions with artists, and the curator/directors in preparing exhibitions as part of the newly funded Artist Initiated Programme.

The role will involve the Community Employee in all aspects of providing technical assistance to the exhibitions programme, meeting artists, helping artists realise their installations, managing the facility storerooms and providing technical assistance to the building and other general maintenance duties.

Programme Support Duties 19.5 hours

Please download our full Job Description/Guidelines below before applying.

How to Apply:
Please note this scheme is being provided by The Mercy Family Centre and as such applicants should send a LETTER OF INTEREST as a PDF attachment explaining why they are suitable for this position with a CV/biog emailed to: cescheme@mercyfamilycentre.com and cc-ed to info@pallasprojects.org with PALLAS CE SCHEME APPLICATION - Gallery and Facility Technical & Maintenance Assistant in the subject line. Please be informed about Pallas Projects/Studios and what artist-run spaces are before applying. www.pallasprojects.org

Deadline: 17th July - interviews Wednesday 26th July 2023

* Please contact your local DSP Employment Services/Intreo Office to check your eligibility and to apply for this vacancy. Vacancy Reference Number will be required.  Eligibility to participate on CE is generally linked to those who are 21 years or over and applicants must also be in receipt of a qualifying Irish social welfare payment for 1 year or more. This is a developmental opportunity, no experience necessary. Accredited training will be provided to support your career.

Image description: An image of the Pallas gallery featuring multiple artworks. On the left wall hangs yellow material above a checkered semi-circle on the floor, on the back wall there is a television on the left and right with posters hung high above. In the centre is a long curving  black table with grey ceramics towards the front. The room has a wooden floor, white walls.


Culture Date with Dublin 8

We are delighted to partner with the annual Culture Date with Dublin 8 festival, taking place this year across the weekend of Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th May.

For one weekend only, "Monsters of the Apocalypse" will reopen for Culture Date with Dublin 8. This exhibition by Venus Patel as part of the Artist-Initiated Projects at Pallas Projects/Studios will be open to vistors to drop-in on both Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th, from 12-6pm.

Please register through Eventbrite for the workshop "Sunday School: Creatures of the Underworld" Sunday 14th, 1-2:30pm.
Delving deeper into the thematic nature of "Monsters of the Apocalypse", this workshop will be an immersive, reimagining of Sunday School, implementing tactics of childhood education with an approach to religion.

Dublin 8 will come alive with over 50+ free events, exhibitions, guided tours, workshops, performances, family activities and much more in all of your favourite Dublin 8 venues, museums, parks, breweries and cultural amenities.

Culture Date with Dublin 8 celebrates the cultural, historical and architectural heritage of the area, and invites you to be a tourist in your own city, to explore your neighbourhood and discover all the hidden gems that are right on your doorstep.


Programme Launch

Their programme will launch on Wednesday 19th April. Follow them @culturedatewithdublin8 and sign up to their newsletter on their website to be the first to hear about the programme. 



Follow them on social media

Twitter: @CultureDateD8
Instagram: @culturedatewithdublin8
Facebook: CultureDatewithDublin8


Audio description: soundbite.speechify

  • Curtesy of the artist


Sunday School: Creatures of the Underworld: Venus Patel—Monsters of the Apocalypse

Time: 1:00-2:30pm Saturday 22nd April 2023

Register here

"Sunday School: Creatures of the Underworld" Workshop. A workshop by Venus Patel as part of the Artist-Initiated Projects at Pallas Projects Studios.


Delving deeper into the thematic nature of "Monsters of the Apocalypse", this workshop will be an immersive, reimagining of Sunday School, implementing tactics of childhood education with an approach to religion.

Lasting for about an hour and half, it will consist of 5 short periods: story time, craft making, music learning, game-time, and finishing with a prayer and reflection period. Mess around, have fun, play with each other, and learn more about the fantastical world of monstrousness.


Image: Venus stands in a Dublin street with her hands reaching out and looking to the side of the camera, covered by a fur scarf and wrapped in colourful transparent film, pieces of which are also hanging behind her, connected to Venus by intertwining wires.


Venus Patel

Venus Patel is an experimental film and performance artist based in Dublin. She was born in Los Angeles with a BA in Fine Art from TU Dublin. In 2022, her short film, Eggshells won the Taylor Art Award from the RDS Visual Art Awards, was shown as part of the Gaze Film Festival, and exhibited for Periodical Review 12: Practical Magic with Pallas Projects. She has recently performed and collaborated in the making of “Privilege: The Musical”, and “Hive City Legacy: Dublin” as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival 2022, as well as being put forward for the Future Generation Art Prize 2022 by its Irish partner platform Pallas Projects Studios.

Patel’s work concerns her experience as a trans femme of colour, trying to navigate the world. Through the use of costuming and loose gender expression, she encapsulates the campy blend of her queer identity. Venus questions the heteronormative society we live in, why the need to conform is so heavily enforced, and how that affects the perceptions of ourself, others, and the world around us. Although her work deals with serious subject matter, she utilises a unique mix of humour, absurdity, and abjection to create multi-faceted performances and experiences.


Audio description: soundbite.speechify

  • Daniel Tuomey, Detail from Monitor 1, Lightbox, 61 x 38 cm, 2021
  • Daniel Tuomey, Detail from Monitor 1, Lightbox, 61 x 38 cm, 2021


Character Creation Workshop: Daniel Tuomey—Control Centre Charlois

Time: 2:00-4:00pm Saturday 8th April 2023

Register here

Character Creation Workshop. A workshop by Daniel Tuomey as part of the Artist-Initiated Projects at Pallas Projects Studios.


Daniel Tuomey will run a character creation workshop exploring the participants’ experiences and feelings about the area they live in. "We will look for places that speak to you, and try to figure out who it is that’s speaking."

The workshop is dedicated to 15-18-year-olds

The workshop starts with the familiar video game process of character creation. However instead of thinking about yourselves (the “player characters”) you will focus on the construction of “non player characters”: the repetitive, exaggerated, strange and broken things we bounce ourselves off as we go about our day. Using methods that Daniel developed while making his game “Is Registration Possible”, you will assemble a cast of weird characters who haunt or possess the street corners, postboxes, problems and peculiarities of the Coombe and the Liberties.

The workshop will focus on collage, drawing and storytelling. Each participant will begin by identifying familiar places that always spark certain thoughts or feelings in them. Through collage and experimental writing we will give a shape, a face and a name to these thoughts. By the end you will have a range of these characters spread across the map, and will begin to consider what kind of community we are assembling.”


Image: Detail of A humanoid character made out of pixels stands facing an image of shapes and drawings which are overlaid by criss-crossing straight red lines across the entire image. Blue and white text on top of the image reads "Artist Initiated Projects" "Daniel Tuomey".


Daniel Tuomey

Daniel Tuomey was born in Dublin, and currently lives and works in Rotterdam. His work stages the political and discursive consequences of formal gestures, exploring how hegemonic masculinity constructs itself through an attempted mastery of space and storytelling. He articulates points of crisis and vulnerability in this edifice, building fragile narrative installations with foundations in drawing, architecture and moving image.
Tuomey received his MFA from the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam in 2017. He has exhibited internationally, with recent long term research projects exhibited in solo exhibitions in an other world (2022) and Available & the Rat (2021) (both Rotterdam). His work has featured in Y O U N G F O S S I L (IMMA, 2022), and The Corona (VISUAL Carlow, 2021), as well as online as part of the WET Film Collective’s screening programme (2021). The work of the Postpeople (his collaborative project with Tracy Hanna) has been featured on the online multimedia album Triple Pocket Napkin Fold (2022), and they regularly gig in Rotterdam, run electives at the Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam (2019-present) and host a biweekly programme on Radio Worm (2021-present).


Audio description: soundbite.speechify

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