Ruth Clinton & Niamh Moriarty


Ruth Clinton and Niamh Moriarty have been working collaboratively since graduating from fine art at NCAD in 2010. Their practice encompasses performance, video, sound installation and storytelling, along with a detailed research process to convey visions of temporality and eternity.

Through fanatic acts of communication and repetition, of resurrection and preservation, we enact humanity’s struggle against overwhelming natural forces and ask how we can look beyond our limited perception of infinity. With this in mind, our work has increasingly become an exercise in cross-dimensional movement, using technology as a means of attempting the potentially impossible translation of this world onto another wavelength.

We use the camera to trace passages through space that then become folded into the video image, suggesting perhaps the transference elsewhere of both place and body. Radio communication has likewise provided a means of articulating the noisy space between each other, and between finite existence and an alternative reality. Collaboration, verging on telepathy, is crucial to this endeavour and often lies at the centre of the work, influencing its form and content. Using our own bodies and our immediate surroundings as a starting point, we convey urgent yet meditative visions of temporality and eternity.

Recent exhibitions of their work include: Hill of Bones, Roscommon Arts Centre, 2013; The Earth Rings in Your Ears, Eight Gallery, 2013; Hilltown New Music Festival 2013; Paper Visual Art Journal, Dublin Edition, 2013; Pink Moon, Red Rock Beach  2013; ROTATOR, Pallas Projects, 2013; Stoneybatter River Walks, The Joinery, 2012; Darklight Film Festival, 2012; Resort, Donegal, 2012; Prelude to Nothing, The LAB, 2012.