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  • 2017-04-05—2017-04-08

    The Pinch—Sara French

    Opening Reception: Tuesday, April 4, 6–8pm
    Continues: Wednesday 5 – Saturday 8 April
    Performance: Hit Pay Dirt, Saturday April 8, 4–5pm

    "Money is the vomit of fortune."
    Diogenes of Sinope*

    The Pinch is an installation of wax rubbings, paper coins, a bench, and a bookwork followed by a performance. Paid for with money scoured from the streets of Dublin, the installation explores the potential of public funding, city mining, and social entrepreneurialism toward decelerated economic opportunities. The artist persists in a personal political commentary at a time when monopolies of power possess the wealth and trickle down theory is proven wrong. With cents and two cents soon to be bygones, French honours the materiality of legal tender and its continuation as an art form.

    *Primarily accredited to Monimos



    Installation photos by Kate-Bowe O'Brien