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  • 2017-11-24—2018-01-20

    Periodical Review #7—PPS V RGKSKSRG

    Critic's Guide: Dublin, Frieze

    Gareth Anton Averill, Ursula Burke, Alan Butler, Dennis Dinneen, Jason Ellis, Paul Hallahan, Jesse Jones, Barbara Knezevic, Ruth E Lyons, Christopher Mahon, Sibyl Montague, Aine McBride, Eleanor McCaughey, Ailbhe Ní Bhriain, Melissa O'Flaherty, Sonia Shiel, Isadora Epstein and Benjamin Stafford, Donal Talbot, Eimear Walshe, Tom Watt and Tanad Williams

    Selected by PPS & RGKSKSRG
    (Gavin Murphy, Mark Cullen, Rachael Gilbourne & Kate Strain)

    Gallery hours: 12–6pm, Thursday–Saturday
    25th November 2017 – 20th January 2018
    (Closed 17th December – reopens 11th January)

    Closing event: Saturday 20th January, 2pm
    Gallery talk: Eimear Walshe, Van Abbemuseum Deviant Practice, 2017

    An artwork is like a book, not made up of individual words on a page – each of which with a meaning – but instead "caught up in a system of references to other books, other texts, other sentences"

    Periodical Review is an annual survey of recent Irish art, selected in collaboration with invited curators/peers from around Ireland. Each year, Pallas Projects invite two artists, writers, educators, curators, to review and subsequently nominate a number of art practices, selected via an editorial meeting. Such a review-type exhibition within Irish art practice acts to revisit; to be a reminder, a critical appraisal and consolidation of ideas and knowledge; to facilitate and encourage collaboration, crossover and debate.

    Not a group exhibition per se, Periodical Review is a discursive action, with the gallery as a magazine-like layout of images that speak (the field talking to itself). This is the exhibition as resource, in which we invite agents within the field to engage with what were for them significant moments, practices, works, activity, objects: nodes within the network.

    In looking at self-organised exhibitions, off-site projects, commercial gallery and museum shows, performances and publications, Periodical Review looks to share a spectrum of practices, creating dialogue and critical reflection to help develop and support Irish contemporary art as a whole; and to act as an accessible survey of contemporary art for a wider audience, expanding the experience of art practices from around the country.

    Co-selectors RGKSKSRG is the curatorial practice of Rachael Gilbourne and Kate Strain. Based between Dublin and Graz, RGKSKSRG commission, present and contextualise contemporary art. Through linking with existing organisational structures, RGKSKSRG work to create new contexts for engaged encounters between artists and audiences. These contexts can involve artworks, exhibitions, events, writings, residencies, interviews, and live works, within various locations, both online or in real life.

    Previous co-curators of Periodical Review: Brian Duggan, Sarah Glennie, Jenny Haughton & Declan Long; Daniel Jewesbury & Anne Kelly; Mary Conlon & Paul Hallahan; Matt Packer & Michele Horrigan; Eamonn Maxwell & Padraic E. Moore; Ruth Carroll & Carl Giffney.

    Preview (as part of Dublin Gallery Weekend)
    6–8pm, Friday 24th November 2017
    Opening performance by Gareth Anton Averill

    Dublin Gallery Weekend
    Saturday 25th November 1.20pm
    Gallery introduction by PP/S and performance by Isadora Epstein and Benjamin Stafford
    (The Coombe tour begins at 12.30 at Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, continuing to NCAD Gallery and ending at Pallas Projects. See www.dublingallerymap.ie for more)


    Periodical Review #7 PPS V RGKSKSRG is an initiative of Pallas Projects/Studios and is supported by Dublin City Council

    Installation images photography: Kasia Kaminska ©2017