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  • 2005-07-16—2005-07-16

    Offside Live—Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane

    OFFSIDE LIVE July 16th & September 17th 2005

    Boundary splittling live art + music in Dublin's original gallery of modern art.

    These were two nighttime extensions to OFFSIDE co-programmed by Fergus Byrne featuring audiovisual performances that responded to the classical architecture of the Hugh Lane

    Performing artists include:

    3 Epkano

    Anne Seagrave


    Departure 247

    Fergus Byrne

    Hugh O'Neill and Tuula Voutilainen

    James King

    NCAD Choir

    Ofcourseican Trio

    Paul Murnaghan

    Róisín and Michael

    Sonic Membrance

    The Sick and Indigent Song Club

    United Bible Studies

    Whistling Booger