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  • 2017-10-04—2017-10-07

    Elizabeth Archbold—Stasis Race

    Preview: 6–8pm Wednesday 4th October

    Continues: 12–6pm, Thurs–Sat, 5th–7th October 2017

    I think, I can’t say anything for certain.  A rainy day maybe dark but, on the other hand, maybe good for painting. It’s impossible to tell until the conditions at that moment are worked in.  Painting after the fall of dark with only the street light is like drawing on location in the moonlight, it reduces the fullness of the environment to essential values. 

    Elizabeth Archbold’s practice is concerned with the experience of the viewer in looking at the painting, painting as an index of making over time in an open-ended thinking process, and painting as a reciprocal exchange of forms and references with the environment.

    Elizabeth Archbold lives and works in Dublin.  Recent group shows include; “A Painting Show” in Queen Street Studios & Gallery, Belfast,  “Dog Days” at Dunamaise Arts Centre, Portlaoise,  Claremorris Open Exhibition, Mayo,  The Model Presents Cairde Visual, Sligo, and “The End” at SOMA Contemporary Gallery, Waterford. This is her first solo show since completing an MFA in Painting in NCAD in 2014.

    Photography: Installation view images ©Lesley Ann O'Connell, 2017. The rest of images courtesy of the artist.