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  • Mark Cullen

    Change, contingency, flux...
    I am interested in exploring cosmologies, getting a sense of our position in relation to our surroundings from macro scales in terms of the stars, planets and other extraterrestrial bodies to a micro focus on a need to understand energy transference between bodies and materials at the level of the small and local. This practice is not confined to making art objects but also manifests itself in instigating situations where energy can be transmitted between bodies, especially people. These have taken the form of curated events, collaborative interventions in social housing projects, exhibitions in both art museums and non arts spaces in the city and collaborations with other artists.

    Current/upcoming activity
    Artist in Residency at School of Physicis UCD.
    Accumulator III - Difference Engine, Limerick City Gallery of Art.
    Accumulator II - Difference Engine, Oriel Myrrdin Gallery, Carmathen, Wales.
    Artist in Residence, Heinrich Boll Cottage, Achill Island, Ireland.

    Mark Cullen was born in Dublin in 1972. Cullen works with various media. Works include ARK, Dublin Contemporary, MAIM XI for Irish Museum Modern Art, Temporary Portable Reservoirs at The Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery, Dublin and Siege House, London, Cosmic Annihilator, an installation at Pallas Heights and Open EV+A (curated by Dan Cameron 2005) Limerick City Gallery.

    Recent works in 2010 – 2012 include Probe, Difference Engine: Accumulator, West Cork Arts Centre, Ark: I could sleep for a thousand years, Dublin Contemporary, Ladies and Gentlemen we are floating in space, Triskel, Cork, Temporary Portable Reservoirs, Dorm, Model, Sligo, and Difference Engine, Substation, CSV Cultural Center, New York, Wexford Arts Centre, The Black Mariah, Cork & SOMA, Waterford.

    Since 2009 he has been a member of Difference Engine a collaborative art group which produces an evolving touring exhibition, a model of autonomous artist curation, with artists Wendy Judge, Gillian Lawler & Jessica Foley, featuring Gordon Cheung and Paul Green.

    In October 2012 he began a residency with the School of Physics, University College Dublin. In 2005 he completed a Masters in Visual Arts Practices at DLIADT and was an award winner at EV+A 2005. In 2007 he attended a residency at El Levante in Rosario and at CASLEO Observatory, Argentina. Cullen was curator of Darklight Digital Film Festival from 1999-2004.

    Mark is the co-founder and co-director of Pallas Projects and Studios. Pallas, through it’s various guises and programmes has been a key exponent in experimental art practice in Dublin.

    www.markcullen.org is an experimental web-site where more of Cullen's work can be found. Searchers can explore using the arrow keys and hyper jump buttons.