Pallas Projects collaborates with artists, curators and writers to engage and develop current Irish contemporary art, through a number of solo projects each year, alongside occasional thematic group exhibitions with Irish and international artists, and collaborations and exchanges with other artists’ groups, practitioners, and art spaces.

Pallas Projects/Studios was set up to allow artists a space to experiment and take risks with their practice, and is intrinsically connected with the artistic process of production. Artists often benefit from an extended period of on-site work in which to test and try out ideas ahead of their public exhibition; as a result of this approach the artists have the possibility of producing works that would not have been generated within their own production context.

A series of artist–curator talks and invited responses are programmed for each exhibition, as well as group tours for school and college groups. Please see our events and social media for up to date information on public talks, or contact the gallery for more information on group visits.

We have currently archived our projects dating back to 2003, with more images and projects 1997–2002 to follow.

While we do not solicit proposals for our curated programme, artists are encouraged to submit self-initiated proposals for our Project Space. Please see the Get Involved page.