Where is the here if the here is in there?

Bertille Bak (FR), Andy Cahill (US), Johannes DeYoung (US), E.S.P. TV (NYC), Kakyoung Lee  (KR/US), Marinella Senatore (IT), Josephine Turalba (PH)
Curated by Paul Murnaghan

In the summer of 2011 Paul Murnaghan found himself embedded – while a resident artist at the International Studio & Curatorial Program – in deepest Bushwick, New York (Bushwick being the up–and–coming Brooklyn neighborhood next to Williamsburg where artists currently migrate to for all the usual reasons). Whilst working on a project with Brooklyn teenagers, he was contacted by PP/S with an open remit to form an exhibition upon return. Murnaghan began collecting video works that in some way reflect the diverse positions of the indigenous and transient artists occupying the same space at one specific moment in time.

Each of the artists within this exhibition directs their lens towards a multitude of purposes, while their thoughts are refracted through existence within a global metropolis. In doing so they construct second memory, subvert tradition, entice collaboration, form fragile communities, consider and illuminate individual perspectives. In short they make a ‘here’ for us to view within the vastly over–documented city that is New York. Whilst location is the surface connection between these works, with time and format as cohesive elements, the primary connective is the individual approach to practice, the variance between subject matter, psychologies and methodologies that attempt to articulate an ontological sense of place.

E.S.P. TV – Special ticketed event*
Live analogue TV event and installation
Date Change: Saturday 15 September 2012

Scott Kiernan and Victoria Keddie of E.S.P. TV will produce a one–off episode at Pallas Projects/Studios. This episode will consider the E.S.P. TV ethos within our increasingly digital existence. There will also be contributions from several bands, artists, performers and electronic manipulators.**

Previous episodes have been taped in various locations including Present Company, The  Schoolhouse, 285 Kent and Roulette (Brooklyn, NY), Liminal Space (Oakland), Queens Nails Projects (San Francisco), Millennium Film Workshop (New York City) as a part of INDEX Festival, and General Public (Berlin).

*This will be a ticketed event, open to a small public audience. The €10 ticket price will contribute to staging costs, and will be available at the exhibition preview, or please enquire via email or in the gallery. Start time and duration to follow.

**A full list of contributors to be announced closer to the date.