Wheelbarrow Piano

Will Cruickshank

Pallas Contemporary Projects is pleased to announce the first 2008 exhibition in the gallery program. Wheelbarrow Piano is the first exhibition of work by UK artist Will Cruickshank in Ireland. Cruickshank’s practice involves finding ways of passing time, which moves between a kind of play or hobby and a more serious endeavour. The resulting objects and actions are personal adventures or investigations, often rooted in physical laws of nature, but combined with more romantic ideas concerning how art is made and time is spent. Cruickshank tries to respond to specific environments and contexts intuitively, with an elemental directness, economy of means and a generous, deadpan absurdity. This economy has leads to decisions and direction being guided by what appears under the nose of the artist – ‘a series of pieces are developing with the use of my van, my turntable, a favourite record, and a xylophone…’

Will Cruickshank received a BA (Hons) in Fine Art (Sculpture) from Manchester Metropolitan University, 1997. Group exhibitions include: K3 Project Space, Zurich; Jessica Murray Projects, New York; SOAP Gallery, Japan. He attended Braziers International Artists’ Workshop in 2006 and since has moved his studio to a working farm in Essex. Most recently the artist spent three months on a residency in Yunnan Province, rural China, working in a small town near the Tibetan border.