• Jad Fair
  • Kathy Nugent
  • Liam Ryan
  • Liam Ryan
  • Mark Beatty, Martyn Cross
  • Richard Proffitt
  • Richard Proffitt
  • Shona Harrison


Take Me To The Other Side—Selected by Michael Hill & Richard Proffitt

Mark Beatty (IRL), Martyn Cross (UK), Jad Fair (USA), Shona Harrison (UK), Jane Lives (IRL), Kathy Nugent (IRL) Richard Proffitt (UK), Liam Ryan (IRL), Jason Thompson (UK)

Preview: 6-8pm, Thursday 18 July

A great red thunder's a-comin’
Through old grown trussells it roams
Does anything come of this journey
Does anything cease to be sown

Starry blue fires sea shorin'
Of relics and cosmic-hewn rust
What will come of this journey
What will still glimmer at dusk

On grassy green meadows and dunes
With soft woven medals it glows
Will anything come of this journey
Will anything follow it home

An encounter with objects, images and artworks charged with the mysticism of tribal rituals, punk spirituality, psychedelia, occult symbolism, primitive crafts, folk traditions, and magic.

Selected and arranged by Michael Hill and Richard Proffitt.

Gallery Hours: 12–6pm daily. Friday 19 July – Sunday 28 April

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