Skip Roll Bump Scratch/126, Galway

Peter O'Kennedy

The exhibition features video, photography and mechanical sculpture, including a new kinetic installation consisting of two mobilised record players both playing the same record. As the record players move around the gallery encountering various obstacles including the gallery walls, each other, and the legs of anyone attending, they create a constantly refreshing cut-up soundwork sourced from their needles skipping across the vinyl and composed by their choreographer, chance. It is fitting that amongst the collection of records that will be playing simultaneously on different days for the duration of the exhibition is an interview with Merce Cunningham and John Cage, collaborators and pioneers in their engagements with chance in choreography and music respectively.

O'Kennedy is a Dublin-based artist who's work to date predominantly sets up or records combinations of movement and chance. In Skip Roll Bump Scratch O'Kennedy continues his grappling with tensions resulting from struggle, striving and purposefulness in the face of a seemingly absurd and random world.

Peter O'Kennedy graduated with a Masters in Visual Arts Practice from IADT, Dublin, in 2008. His most recent solo exhibitions include Situation at Pallas Contemporary Projects, February 2009, and Tracking Beacon NY 12508, at 92, St. Stephen's Green, Dublin, in 2008. He exhibited Lost Luggage, a kinetic installation for Fringe Festival, Georges Dock, Dublin, Ireland, 2007 and Jonny Axelsson performing Akrodha, a performance and video screening at The Baroque Chapel, Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin, Ireland, 2006.

Presented by 126 in conjunction with Pallas Contemporary Projects.

126 was established in 2006 by local artists in their own living room as a response to the need for more non-commercial gallery spaces in Galway and is currently located on Queen Street in the city centre. 126 is supported by the Arts Council, the Galway City Council and its membership.