• Ramon Kassam


Portrait Cuts Itself Out On The Floor

Ramon Kassam

Preview 6–8pm Wednesday 26 June

Runs 12–6pm until Sunday 30 June

‘Portrait cuts itself out on the floor’ is an exhibition of new works at Project Space at PP/S by Limerick born painter Ramon Kassam. It marks the end of a four-month studio residency at the Irish Museum of Modern Art and the start of the 12 month RHA Tony O’Malley Residency in Kilkenny for the artist. Most works included have been made during his time at IMMA. His current paintings incorporate various motifs in their quite often ruthless and laboured construction. They are the result of a brutal reshuffling of studio materials, narratives, art histories, biographical elements and formal structures, all of which come together in such a way that they have been chewed, swallowed and regurgitated to construct works. This is a cut and paste approach to absorb and refract the different things he may have experienced or imagined. Ultimately however the works become their own point of reference and aim to connect to painting’s visual tradition, and the physical and psychological landscape of his world.

Ramon received a first class honours degree in fine art painting from Limerick School of Art and Design in 2007. He has exhibited widely since. Recent exhibitions include ‘New Living Art’ IMOCA, Dublin (2012) ‘Bricks and Mortar’, Boston, USA (2012) and ‘Transitive Relationships’, Limerick City Galley of Art (2012). In 2013 he was awarded a four month studios residency at The Irish Museum of Modern Art and was also the recipient of The RHA Tony O’ Malley Residency Award which he will begin in June 2013. In addition to his practice, Ramon founded and directed Wickham Street Studios, Limerick from 2009-2011, an artist run studio complex which has provided studio space for over 30 artists in the city to date. Also in 2009, he was the founding member of Occupy Space, an artist run gallery in the city, and co-directed the space throughout 2010.

The Project Space at PP/S is an open, accessible and versatile space that bridges studio and exhibition practice. It features throughout the year, internally-curated projects, talks and events, alongside external, artist-initiated projects, workshops, performances or large-scale studio use.

The Project Space is intended to allow access for individuals and groups working at a high standard within contemporary visual art and like-minded fields, to experiment with presenting their work and engage with audiences; to work in the context of a space with a dedicated tradition – ongoing over a seventeen year period – towards do-it-yourself initiatives and the professional development of emerging artists.

The artist would like to acknowledge and thank the following people and organizations for their support during the preparation and realization of this project;
Lena Bolger, Michele Horrigan, Pallas Projects/Studios, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Monster Truck Studios & Wickham St Studios.