Of Men and Mountains

Aoife Cassidy and Anita Delaney

Created for the Pallas Contemporary Projects space by two artists, Aoife Cassidy and Anita Delaney, the exhibition Of Men and Mountains takes as its starting point the idea of human struggle and endeavor. Both artists have used a selection of different media – drawing, video, installation and sculpture – to represent various facets of humanity and it’s integration with the natural world, sometimes with success, sometimes with struggle.

Cassidy’s work is autobiographical, a visual diary of personal thought processes and experiences. She is interested in the human psyche, in pushing the boundaries of our mental capabilities, and the cultural anthropology of our societies. She aims to combine various aspects of these in her studio practice, whilst continuing a personal narrative throughout. She has a keen interest in ecology and wildlife, which both have a large influence on her work. Combining these aspects she implements the use of various media and techniques, traditional and non-traditional, to create kitsch and often gaudy imagery.

Working mainly in video, animation and more recently installation, Delaney is interested in systems of interpersonal communication particularly language, genre and semiotics. Perceiving inherent failures in each of these vehicles in attaining an intersubjective cohesion, she is interested in probing the boundaries between successful and failed communications and idiosyncrasies between form and content.

Anita Delaney graduated with a BA from IADT, Dun Laoghaire in 2006 and has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally since. She has most recently finished working on a large-scale film project funded by an Arts Council New Work Award. In December she begins a 1-year project residency in Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, Dublin.

Aoife Cassidy received her BFA from University of Iowa in 2004 and an MFA from the Burren College of Art and NUI Galway in 2008. She was the 2007 recipient of the Tulca Award, and residential awards through the Tyrone Guthrie Centre and Kildare County Council. She recently exhibited in a group show at The Stone Gallery in Dublin, and had a solo show at The Centre d’art i Natura, in Catalan Pyrenees.

Special Event on Culture Night, Friday 25th September 2009:

As an extension of their ongoing exhibition Of Men and Mountains at Pallas Contemporary Projects, the artists, Aoife Cassidy and Anita Delaney, will endeavour to construct a live human pyramid at the gallery at 8pm. Comprised of themselves and associates, this attempt to consolidate persons in to pyramid is a reflection of their ongoing interest in human endeavour, struggle and perseverance amidst the onslaught of contemporary life (urbanity, text, image, language, internet, bleached skulls, mountains). All are welcome to watch the formation of this edifice and bear witness to
it’s success or misadventure.