Garrett Phelan—NOW:HERE

Garrett Phelan

‘NOW:HERE’ is the first in a series of new projects by Phelan focusing on Collective Belief Systems. What are Collective Belief Systems? These Systems are the laws, morals, ideas and beliefs within society that its citizens subscribe to, such as politics, law, religion, science and culture. Set within a disused council flat in the heart of Dublin city, Phelan provides us with a gateway to an ambitious project concerning Collective Belief Systems. By scattering a random sequence of fast drawings directly onto the surface of the walls, mainly with permanent marker pens, Phelan has created an open-ended narrative depicting a disparate collection of inconclusive thoughts/ideas and facts. The experience of‘NOW:HERE’is a bombardment of information but, removed from the normal structures containing and defining our belief systems, the information is intentionally confusing rather than informative, bringing the viewer into an uncomfortable state in time…Now.

‘NOW:HERE’, a major new solo project by Garrett Phelan. Born in Dublin in 1965, Phelan has exhibited widely in Ireland and internationally. Through his practice as both an artist and curator he has made an important contribution to contemporary Irish art. Previous important work by Phelan includes exhibits as part of; From Beyond the Pale – (AART-RADIO/curatorial project) at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, (Dublin, 1994), Glen Dimplex Artists Award Exhibition at Irish Museum of Modern Art (Dublin, 1997), Outside at the Douglas Hyde Gallery (Dublin 1997), Commissions for Garter Lane Arts Center – (curatorial project) (Waterford 1996 – 1999), How Things Turn Out at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, (Dublin, 2002).