No Mans Land

Daniel Cramer, Haris Epaminonda, Angela Huntbach, Tea Makipäa, Karen Land Hansen, Yvonne McGuinness, Ann Mulrooney and Christian Sievers.

Curated by Ann Mulrooney.

No Mans Land is an ongoing exhibition project which began in 2002, involving eight young European artists. Although working in a variety of media including performance, sound, photography and drawing, all in some way are operating from a sense of displacement and an ambiguity relating to how the self fits in the world. Also notable is the direct authenticity of the work. It touches on recurrent themes that evoke or explore beauty, alienation and a sense of lack or longing, revealing a world which is subtly foreign to us though seemingly familiar. The exhibition is sited within a domestic environment in a deliberate blurring of boundaries which underlines the subtle complexities of the subjects touched upon.

The project is curated by Ann Mulrooney. The exhibition in Pallas Heights is the fourth exhibition in the project, which has also included Works on paper from No Mans Land (London Design Museum, 2003), View from the Sitting Room (Cassland, London 2004) and Generation (Deutsche Bank UK, featuring work by Cramer, Epaminonda, Huntbach and Mulrooney, selected by Alistair Hicks). The project has been supported by Deutsche Bank London and The Visual Arts Council of Denmark.