Killinarden Short Shorts

Killinarden Short Shorts a film-making project by artists Mark Cullen and Brian Duggan of Pallas Studios.  The Killinarden Short Shorts project involved the production of a series of eight short digital films made by young people from Killinarden, Tallaght.

This series was the outcome of a process initiated, facilitated and curated by the Pallas Studio artists, who took their starting point from an exploration of stories relating to the participants and the local area, placing individual stories beside wider cultural frames of reference. During the course of the project, participants were introduced to a variety of film practice and learned technical aspects of film production. Experimenting with a number of creative approaches, they explored original stories relating to aspects of their lives and their locality. Over time they developed the ability to make critical choices in order to create short films that were effective and coherent, and cover a wide range of styles from horror to documentary.

The young people involved were Wesley Brennan, Edele Cummins, Denise Gaines, Terence Salmon, Lorraine Smith, Michael Usher.

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