Preview Friday 8th April, 6-8pm

Pallas Projects is pleased to present a new series of paintings by Paris-based artist John Lalor. These paintings, all on canvas format 26 x 30cm, depict images which conjure up an atmosphere of Lalor's future film project of the same name. MOMENT OF SURRENDER (the film), describes how a young father is brought to the point where he is about to abandon his two young children to the state. The Irish state 2016. Filming that moment through austerity.

I am an artist using painting which is a difficult medium to wrestle with to try and raise money to make films.

MOMENT OF SURRENDER (the paintings) are for the artist a way of staying creative, through the process of everyday painting. This process is an important aspect of Lalor’s practice, which was in hiatus during his preceding all consuming film project INCIDENT URBAIN, and has returned injecting a new lease of life into Lalor's daily work and approach to film-making. As such the paintings become important in creating a general atmosphere visualising a post-tiger Dublin in which the film will be anchored.

I have used photographs here, which are then transferred, a method of painting which I have tried to master these last 15 years. In this sense conceptually as Jean-Luc Godard would say, I use the photograph transferred as the documentary, then with the act of painting and its history, I go to work as an artist creating fiction.

John Lalor, Irish artist, born in Dublin, 1961. He has lived in Paris for the last twenty years. His work comprises paintings in multiples entitled the democratic paintings series. He builds scaled models and publishes texts which are also incorporated into his exhibitions. He came to live in France at the beginning of the second mandate of François Mitterrand, wanting to break with the anglo-saxon cultural divide, which had become with time, a massive cultural highway, purely functional in status. Paris for him was a place to stay and learn. Joyce, Beckett, Baudrillard, Godard, Buren… One long residence, an intense laboratory of artistic research. His works include a text piece based on the director Jean-Luc Godard, entitled stereo jlg/the editing of the trailer. A three thousand word text without punctuation, published weekly in the broadsheet The Irish Times in early 2010 produced by Christina Kennedy (Director of collections IMMA). The seventh episode appearing in Dublin’s Oonagh Young gallery in order to conclude the event. His work has a direct rapport with cinema. Lalor’s painting series and film Forward Pass was shown by Pallas Contemporary Projects in 2008. His film project Incident Urbain, his first with actors and dialogues, has clearly affirmed his intentions as a visual artist combining as a body, cinema and art. He is also writing a feature film project for Paris, entitled Dog-bone about Paris and her suburbs. He has recently returned from Leros in Greece where he was filming Syrian migrants.

In Conversation with Gerard Byrne

6pm Friday 8th April
The two artists shooting the breeze, John as an artist coming from painting and making that journey into film-making cinema and Gerard making his journey from photography into film-making. The trials and errors and suffering combined with the magic of working with other people to try and create something greater than the sum of its parts...

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