• Image: Bassam Al-Sabah
  • Image: Nicole Burke


in the making—IADT Degree year students

In the Making # 3: Juvenoia

Bassam Al-Sabah, Sheen Frances, Claire Murphy, Vlada Novicka, Stephen Mc Devitt, Mateusz Lubecki, Jillian Murphy, Peadar Jolliffe-Byrne, Gabrielle Deery, Kim Gleeson, Lynn Murphy, Saoirse Groves Murphy, Darragh Maguire, Niamh Laughlin, Craig Lawlor

The term used to describe the irrational fear felt by every generation; that the generation before was too rigid and conservative—and the generation after too wild and out-of-control. [1] In other words, the “kids-these-days” mentality.

The final instalment of a three-part exhibition run by 4th year IADT Art students, Juvenoia is a coming-together of diverse practices in different media ranging from video and sound to painting, print and sculpture. ‘Juvenoia’ as a title relates to the perception of art students as future professionals.

Keeping this in mind, the organisation of this exhibition was focused on its context as a transitional period from student to professional. Students moving into the realm of professional practice understand that perception of their work will change dramatically.

[1] David Finkelhor, “The Internet, Youth Safety and the Problem of “Juvenoia”

Preview: 6pm to 8pm, on Thursday 26 November. Exhibtion continues Friday 12–6pm and Saturday 12–2pm.

In the making # 2: Polyglot

Samuel Tobin, Erica Roche, Nicole Burke, Emma Moran, Sophie-Carroll Hunt, Jennifer Fitzpatrick, Jessica Balfe, Alex Gillice, Andrew Pollard, Fiona O Brien, Mary McClelland, Thomas Garrett, Stephen Usher, Aisling Leonard, Catriona O’Rourke

Polyglot is the second of a three-part group exhibition showcasing the work so far of the 2016 graduating class of IADT's Art programme. The exhibition explores the varying art practices of a diverse group of emerging artists and includes new works made in sculpture, video, painting, textile, assemblage, and installation art.

Rather than working towards a unifying theme for this exhibition, artists have worked within their usual practices continuing with their individual works and have grouped new pieces together in ways which will open up discussion between the differing pieces within the space of Pallas Projects. The associations and disassociations between the various themes, details and methods of production undertaken by the artists become apparent in this space opening up the conversation of the exhibition and to the public.

Preview: 6pm to 8pm, on Thursday 19 November. Exhibtion continues Friday 12–6pm and Saturday 12–2pm.

In the making # 1: Nebula

Allan Kinsella, Ciara Dempsey, Craig Lawlor, Aisling Boland, Jago Moulton, Paddy Sheehan, Ciara Mc Donald, Sophia Delavari, Fiona Fitzpatrick, Louise Mc Cormack, Kian Benson-Bailes, Jessica Crean, James Butterworth, Richard Lawlor

Nebula brings together the work of 14 final year Art students in the first of a three exhibitions in Pallas Projects in November 2015. Works in the exhibition will range from painting, print, video, sculpture and installation with a particular emphasis on painting in the digital/photographic age, surface, artificiality and the human body, exploitation and the everyday.

A nebula, by definition alone, refers to an interstellar clustering of gases and materials that can, providing the right elements are in place, form new star systems. A nebula cloud draws in other forms of matter, snowballing to astronomical sizes and in so doing, facilitates the creation of light, matter and potentially, life. The works are involved in a shifting dialogue in relation to themselves individually and to the cluster as a whole. As uneasy objects hovering in a space, each has the possibility of drawing other works within its particular sphere of associations with the ultimate intention of creating a unique Nebula of seemingly disparate objects in orbit around the vacuum of contemporary art practice.

Preview: 6pm to 8pm, on Thursday 12 November. Exhibtion continues Friday 12–6pm and Saturday 12–2pm.

in the making presents a taste of the future. For three weeks in November 2015, Pallas Projects provides an exciting platform for emerging art practices, hosting three consecutive exhibitions of new work by degree year students from IADT’s BA in Art. Conceived as an experiment in learning through exhibition-making, the project has been developed with guidance from PP/S co-curator Gavin Murphy and assistance from post-graduate students on IADT’s Art & Research Collaboration MA. Each exhibition will provide an early-stage glimpse into the ideas, materials and techniques currently being researched and tested by the BA students and a valuable opportunity for them to extend their practices beyond the IADT studios.  The three exhibitions that constitute In the making will offer a unique insight into dynamic thought processes unfolding through collaborative exhibition practice.

The three exhibition openings will take place from 6pm to 8pm, on Thursdays November 12, November 19 and November 26, 2015.

Each exhibition will also be open to the public on Fridays, 12–6pm, and Saturdays, 12–2pm. (Please note the earlier Saturday closing time).