Final Phase Launching

Anna Boyle, Jesse Jones

Anna Boyle’s new work “Final Phase Launching” is a techni-coloured installation of painting, drawing and flowers. The work stages an emotional display emblematic of cultural gatherings, funerals and celebrations, oscillating between regret and protest at the failures of standardised modernism, official planning and the bombardment of new property development. Imaginative possibilities are recreated within the predetermined plans and structures of the space, reconfiguring relationships of psychological, technological and social nature.

Jesse Jones‘ new work seeks to locate the cinematic potential within the everyday situation. She has produced a new work on site in Sean Tracey flats. The work uses the film score to the 1955 film on the Waterfront, which explores the Dockers’ trade union struggle in 1950’s America. Shot in a desolate half demolishes space the video depicts a moment that has passed. The second video work in contrast is a documentation of the recent GAMA workers strike. The Turkish GAMA workers were on strike for non-payment of wages as well as union recognition,while working on the Ballymun regeneration construction site. Their struggle reminds us that real social regeneration is not something that is constructed architecturally but is manifest instead in forms of political and social solidarity. Both videos use music as a way of catalysing a moment of unity within these experiences of resistance, as well as a type of conjugate that can link social struggles historically.