Eye of the Needle

George Bolster

George Bolster examines the representation of religious subjects through a wide range of media, including video, drawing, sculpture and installation. He questions the accepted narrative and conventions presented in art history with the introduction of contemporary elements such as hi-fi headphones, corporate logos and gothic tattoos.

The exhibition at Palais Heights will include an installation of two wall sized drawings of the crucified Christ and St Teresa of Avila who appears to receive the stigmata of figure of Christ in the form red threads that span the room. In the video projection ‘Post Life Pre Life, (The Washing The Body)’ the artist appears as the naked figure of Christ as depicted in the painting ‘The Deposition of Christ in the Tomb’ by Holbein majestically floating down to the base of his coffin.

George Bolster was recently included in EV+A 2005 selected by Dan Cameron and his work is currently on tour in the exhibition Multiplicity (Fota House, Cork; Context Gallery, Derry; Roscommon Art Centre; and Market House Gallery, Monaghan). He was born in Cork in 1972 and studied at Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork, Chelsea School of Art, London, Hochschule der Kunst, Berlin and St Martins School of Art, London. He lives and works in London.