Niamh McCann — EME

Niamh McCann

<<EME is the first project in a series of new works by McCann exploring the complexities of surface: creating hybrid visual emblems of protection, aggression and identity. This is an area of exploration with regards to image, word and text, and more specifically text and word as image. Presenting a graphic hybrid of international cultural signage – a visual language as distinct from the language of letters. The works at Pallas Heights look to the surface of this language, and the influence of particular cultural contexts, not because the substance is without depth but because the surface moulds the substance. The project uses the particular architecture of Pallas Heights as framework to parallel our assimilation of imagery to engage ones perception and form understanding.

Previous exhibitions have included: Total Eclipse of…. Planet 22, (Geneva, Switzerland, 2001), Transmediale – Berlin Kurfürstendamm, (Public Arts Fest. Berlin, Germany 2004), Come In – Vienna International Apartment, (Austria, 2003), Appropriation – Ormeau Baths Gallery, (Belfast, 2002), EV+A – Limerick City Gallery (Limerick, 2001/2), Perspective 2000 - Ormeau Baths Gallery (Belfast, 2000) Dopplarity – Bank Underground Station (2000, as organiser/ curator as well as exhibitor). McCann was recipient of the Perspective 2000 Absolut Exhibition award, the EV+A 2002, travel award and will be participating in an exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art, Tsrku, Finland in 2005.