• Anita Delaney
  • Anita Delaney
  • Vera Klute
  • Vera Klute
  • Gavin Murphy


Dare to live without limits – SUB:URBAN Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Vera Klute, John Lalor, Anita Delaney, Gavin Murphy, Brian Duggan and Michael Fortune.

So view the present as if you were looking back on it from the future. When faced with a stressful situation ask yourself, “How will I feel about this next week, next month, or next year?” Although your feelings may be very intense at the moment, will they last? Recall how time has soothed past events. Consider the big picture. In the overall scheme of things, will what you are confronting now matter as much in the future? When faced with feelings of frustration, project yourself into the future. In the future, what you are currently facing is at best a faded memory. Next, reassess the significance of what you are now experiencing and put it into perspective. The main question to ask is “Will this matter to me later?”

Bryan Golden, management consultant, motivational speaker, author, and adjunct professor. Dare to live without limits, how to look forward with hindsight 2004.

What does matter?, in times of flux what is fixed? what is important and what is not? what to focus on and what to ignore? are we lost or are we found? Pallas Contemporary Projects is delighted to present new and recent work from 6 artists specifically selected for SUB:URBAN Rotterdam. A mix of concerns and techniques is blended to open out a new space for inquiry. This is the first time these artists have exhibited together.

Pallas Contemporary Projects was set up to allow artists a space to experiment and take risks with their practice. PCP runs an internally curated programme of exhibitions, augmented by invited curators and exhibition exchanges. PCP focuses on the exchange of Irish and international artists with a strong conceptual approach working in different media. Pallas was founded as an artist-run space in 1996. Originally located in a former factory in Dublin’s inner city, Pallas has played its part in creating what is now a vibrant contemporary art scene in Ireland. In the beginning Pallas was created to provide studios and supportive creative spaces for artists. Over the years Pallas also developed a separate exhibitions agency, with an independent curated policy, and it has worked with well over 100 Irish and international artists. Pallas was created by artists for artists.

Special thanks to Jenny Haughton. Pallas is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and Dublin City Council.

SUB URBAN, Video Lounge
Botersloot 44a
NL 3011 HH
The Netherlands

Screenings daily – except Mondays – 12 – 5 pm