Auto Da Fe

Paul Murnaghan

AUTO DA FE, shortly before the demolition of Sean Tracey House AKA Pallas Heights, the keys to the gallery and the studios will be handed over to Paul Murnaghan. Murnaghan has agreed with Pallas Heights' curators, Mark Cullen and Brian Duggan, that he will construct the final artwork to be made within the space.

The form that this work will take was not disclosed nor will it be on any future date. Both Cullen and Duggan have agreed to accept as true that Murnaghan will undertake this task and execute it as he sees fit.

The enactment of a procedure based entirely on faith is the catalyst for the work which Murnaghan will assemble on site. It is also agreed that an indeterminate amount of time and effort will go into the execution of this process and that the completed work should be delivered on time and within budget.

This being an event that may have already taken place at time of reading and that may now form part of the resonance of Pallas Heights, its participants choose to believe that it was a wholly appropriate action and will remember it as so.