Atom Tick: An Experimental Comedy Show—James Moran and Stephane Bena Hanly

Tickets available on the door and on Eventbrite priced €7

Doors open 6.30pm and the show will commence at 7pm sharp

BYOB/Chairs will be provided!

Atom Tick is two entrepeneurs, James Moran and Stephane Bena Hanly, with some great ideas for creative, innovative start-ups in the fields of future-tech, televisual entertainment and city planning. We'd love any feedback you have to give. Come to Pallas Projects/Studios for a short, informative presentation on either the 27th of 28th of November, and tell us what you think!

Atom Tick is a presentation for you, the audience, in which we, the presenters, make you want not what you think you want, but what we think we can make you think we want you to want. It’s not about what you want, it’s about what we want you to want.

Atom Tick is a multi-media comedy extravaganza featuring video work, meditative type experiences, live demonstrations of future-tech prototypes and some round table script readings. It’s a show about the repetition, the future and critical pop-culture. It's primarily funny, but also really interesting.

James Moran is an alternative comedian and storyteller. His performances explore surrealism and absurdity, as well alternative approaches to narrative. He is interested in disposable, easily consumable comedy influenced by pop-culture and performance art. James studies cyberpsychology at IADT where he has an interest in human factors, engineering and ubiquitous computing. Follow him at @jmichaelmoran or read his blog http://jamesmichaelmoran.tumblr.com.

Stephane Hanly is a sculptor and most recently has been practicing in performance. In his work Stephane likes to combine sound and visual along with live work, to try and create an environment and transport the viewer out of this world. This is an ongoing effort using different approaches, that he will continue to attempt indefinitely.