Brendan Earley — Arrival

Brendan Earley

“Perhaps a lot of the high expectations had a lot to do with some very strong undercurrents in Modernism, found, often as not in its Utopian ideals. The block of flats where the installation will be built comes from these high ideals, built in the late sixties this building project was seen as a solution”.

Pallas Heights is pleased to announce a major new solo project by Brendan Earley. Born in 1971, Brendan Earley has exhibited in Ireland and internationally and received several awards. Through his practice he has made an important contribution to contemporary Irish art. Recent exhibitions: 2003 Banff Residency Scholarship, 2002 Futures, RHA Gallery, Dublin. EV+A, Limerick City, Ireland. 2000 Prix Arts Electronica, Vienna Austria. 2000 Perspective, Ormeau baths gallery.